Europes biggest educational professional grooming event

Europes biggest educational professional grooming event with International grooming competition, top seminars, workshops, mini tradeshow, kids competition modeldog and many more...




Alison Rogers <br /><br />
Lindsey Dicken <br /><br />
Ellen Rijnbeek-Hagendijk
Olga Dmitrieva <br /><br />
Tony Zhu <br /><br />
Roman Fomin <br /><br />
Irina Pinkusevich <br /><br />
Ferruccio Soave <br /><br />
Pia Blatter <br /><br />
Judith Camarasa <br /><br />
Joanna Chen <br /><br />
Olga Zabalinskaya <br /><br />
Zhang Sisi <br /><br />
Wang Yang <br /><br />
Lisette De Cauwer <br /><br />
Jennifer Lee <br /><br />
Fan Yu <br /><br />
Miranda Geerlings <br /><br />
William Galharde <br /><br />
Victor Rosado <br /><br />
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  • Alison Rogers <br /><br />

    Alison Rogers

    Alison Rogers LCGI, has been grooming since she was 16 years old and has run her own grooming salon for 18 years. Alison’s depth of experience includes teaching dog grooming & animal care at various colleges, teaching NVQ, Btec & national diploma to entry level and asset. She also teaches City and guild introductory level 3 at her salon in Holmfirth. Alison is qualified to city & guilds 730 level and has also completed her OCR level 4 qualifications. She is also a fully qualified city and guilds 7750 Dog groomer and has completed her higher grooming diploma, she is a member of the Guild of Master Groomers and also holds the LCGI in dog grooming. In her spare time Alison loves to keep up on her grooming by competing in and judging grooming completion’s both at home and abroad and is now on the European judging list. She has achieved a number of places, winning the Professional Groomers Championship best in show 2003 with a bichon and 2004 (she is the only groomer to win these two years in a row). She also finished runner up at the British Dog Grooming Championships 2000 and in 2007 and won Groomer of the year at the British Championships. Alison is one of the founding members of Groom Team England, where they came 3rd in the world championships 2007-2009. Having trained many students over the years, Alison has had the pleasure of watching them go on to run successful dog grooming businesses, with some following in her foot steps and entering the competition ring. Her former students have won many places at the British dog grooming championships, Eurogroom and Premier Groom. As well as this she has shown and bred West Highland White Terriers, Standard poodles and more recently Bichon frises (Alizo), who are doing well in the show ring and hold the reserve cc’s and cc and who have all qualified and won at Crufts and this year was happy to get the rev bitch cc with one of her bichons . Alison will also be seen on the Mikki products that she try’s out for the company before they go on sale, Alison was the 1st head groomer a the pet spa at Harrods in London .but is back in Yorkshire full time teaching her students or going to there salons to do freelance training please ask for more info.

  • Lindsey Dicken <br /><br />

    Lindsey Dicken

    Lindsey started in the animal industry young, preparing and showing horses before moving on to dogs. Since the beginning of her dog grooming career, Lindsey has traveled all over the country and won multiple “Best All Around Groomer Awards”, “Best Scissored Poodle”, “World Champion Poodle Groomer”, and Intergroom’s “American Groomer of the Year”. She received the Lynn Carver Memorial Award for “Best All Around Pet Stylist” in 2008 and was nominated for a “Cardinal Crystal American Groomer of the Year” award the same year. Lindsey has also won several Best In Shows, most notably back to back wins at Intergroom 2009 and 2010 with a Bichon Frisé. She has qualified for Groom Team USA’s Top Ten Stylists every year she was eligible, reaching # 6 her very first year. She was the #1 ranked groomer in the nation for 2007 and 2009 and had the honor of traveling to Germany in 2009 to compete in the World Team Grooming Championship. She helped Groom Team bring home the gold for the USA, winning a gold medal with a Bichon Frisé. In addition to competing in grooming contests, Lindsey also shows her Bichon Frisés, Miniature Poodles, and Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.

  • Ellen Rijnbeek-Hagendijk

    Ellen Rijnbeek-Hagendijk  

    Ellen started grooming in 1982 and opened her first grooming salon Farouche in 1987 in Delft. She has been very active at grooming championships and has earned a number of titles amongst which: Global Groomer (grooming of different breeds) at All American Grooming in Chicago in ’93, a 1st place with a Portuguese Waterdog (PWD) at Eurogroom in ’98 and a 3rd place with a PWD at Intergroom in 2000. Ellen is an all-round groomer with a special place in her heart for the PWD, the breed she fell in love with in ’95. In ’99 she started her kennel called American Dancer’s and since then she has bred many champions. Ellen has been very successful with this breed winning multiple best in shows, best breed at Crufts and the Topdog competition in Germany (all breeds). Today Ellen is running Groomingsalon Farouche & Waterdogs - the grooming salon/kennel in Ooltgensplaat and she is still active in dog shows, always looking out for more success.

  • Olga Dmitrieva <br /><br />

    Olga Dmitrieva

    This famous Russian groomer fell madly in love with her first dog, a Giant Schnauzer, when she was 15. As the puppy grew up being very hairy she read up about stripping and after trying the techniques herself, she successfully succeeded in her first hand-strip. This meant the actual launch of her career because after this she started experimenting on her neighbours’ and friends’ dogs and by 2001 she was working in a kennel in Italy preparing dogs for show rings and simultaneously grooming all breeds in a grooming shop. These were really useful experiences and it gave her the knowledge to go on winning many prizes in grooming competitions in the hand stripping class and scissoring class in Moscow, Kiev and St. Petersburg. Also, she won vice best in show in with a Gordon setter in Kiev. For Olga, it’s important to work with the fastest technique and the best material and in the least amount of time possible. Then, thanks to Kitty Dekeersgieter, came the idea to start styling dogs with only clippers, NO SCISSORS INVOLVED. At first this seemed impossible but 1 year later Olga has managed to take on all kinds of breeds. The live streaming of showing this technique has made her more well known and this even worldwide. The styling with clippers makes finishing of long coats very neat and crisp but natural and this neat finish also stays in shape for a longer period of time.

  • Tony Zhu <br /><br />

    Tony Zhu

    Tony began had his first poodle in 1991, and later has owned and showed a variety of dogs such as Miniature Schnauzer, Maltese, Yorkshire terrier, Pomeranian, Shih-Tzu, Italian Greyhound, Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky and his favourite breed, poodle, in all 3 varieties. He won many awards in China and America. Tony has started the 1st Poodle Club of China National Specialty Show in 2011, and successfully running the 2nd & 3rd Poodle National in 2012 & 2014. In 2013, Tony & David Song founded the Groom Team China (GTC) and began as the Team leader to elect the best groomers in China by running the Groom Team China Qualification Shows, and leading them to attend the Top Grooming Shows in Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and Belgium. Tony has been invited as the grooming contest judge, grooming speaker and demonstrator by many countries, and has led seminars all around China to educate groomers and to promote the grooming industry in China.

  • Roman Fomin <br /><br />

    Roman Fomin

    Roman's career began in 1991 when he met his first poodle. Being master in arts, Roman realized himself as an artist-groomer. His style of working is characterized by an individual creative approach. In 2000 Roman founded a student program for grooming. He found simple answers to complex questions concerning balance, proportion and scissor technique. To date, his program produced a huge number of students in different Russian cities, China and other foreign countries. Roman achieved a high level as a professional groomer and handler. His name is associated with successes at dog shows of the highest rank. Roman began to take part in grooming competitions since 1999. He started with a victory at the first grooming competition held in Russia. In 2000 Roman was a finalist at the most prestigious grooming championship: «Oster Invitational Tournament of Champions», which took place in Berlin, as well as at "Milan Groom", held in Italy. In 2002 Roman won silver medal at the international grooming competition «Intergroom». Today Roman is one of the most famous professional groomers of different breeds. He's the owner of several professional grooming schools and he organizes master classes as well as seminars.

  • Irina Pinkusevich <br /><br />

    Irina Pinkusevich

    Irina "Pina" Pinkusevich entered the world of Competitive Grooming in 2006. Pina is the winner of multiple BIS & Best All round Groomer awards. She is a two-time recipient of the Lynne Carver Award. Pina has won the Liz Paul Memorial Award for the most Best in Show wins in 2010. She has also won the Winner’s Circle Jackpot 2011, a prize of $32,500 for grooming Lucas, her American Cocker Spaniel. Pina was a member of GroomTeam USA from 2008 through 2013. She competed in the World Championships for the USA in 2009, 2011, & 2013 helping the U.S. team bring home a Silver medal & two Golden. Pina is a national & international judge & lecturer as well as an ambassador for Oster Professional Grooming Products. Pina holds awards from Cardinal Crystal & Barkleigh Honors. She is a National Certified Master Groomer (NCMG) & Certifier with the NDGAA.

  • Ferruccio Soave <br /><br />

    Ferruccio Soave

    Ferruccio is one of the true pioneers in dog grooming and he is very famous. He started grooming competitions in 1995, having promptly excellent results. He won gold, silver and bronze medals in all categories in Europe and U.S.A. and he has been twice Italian Champion.

  • Pia Blatter <br /><br />

    Pia Blatter

    From when she was a little girl, Pia has had a passion for dogs. Even though her first breed was a poodle, her preference turned to Gordon Setters. She learned a lot about the breed by working at one of the most successful English Setter Kennels in Europe. With the second Setter she got, Pia started shows and Field trials. In the fields she won best Gordon Setter in 9 consecutive years , best Working Gordon Setter in 7 consecutive years and best junior Gordon Setter in Switzerland 1 year. Nowadays, Pia has 3 Gordon Setters and 1 English Setter, all of which are Multi Champions. The youngest on its way to get his international Champion Title. In competition, Pia started in the Categories Spaniel/Setter, then went on to compete in the categories Handstripping, Pure Scissoring, Poodles and got nominations in every other category. Pia is a member of the Swiss World Championship Grooming Team, in 2011 she finished second at the world championship for Spaniels and Setters, was Swiss Groomer Champion in 2010 and 2012, Swiss Vice Champion in 2011 and 3 Country Champion in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Plus Best Allrounder 2016 and 3 times Best in Show with an English Setter. She has also been celebrated with her Middle Schnauzer, Irish Terrier, Roughhair Teckel, Kerry Blue Terrier and Standard Poodle some Podium Places. Pia is very happy and honoured to get the invitation to give a seminar at Groomania. She will be showing her grooming techniques, which details she gives importance to, share her experiences and let give people insight in her “grooming kitchen…”.

  • Judith Camarasa <br /><br />

    Judith Camarasa

    Judith is a famous and very successful Spanish groomer and handler. She runs the very well known kennel Tajinastes King Kong together with her husband, Luis Martin del Rio. She won best in show at grooming competitions at numerous occasions and has a lot of golden, bronze and silver medals. She is a proud member of the Artero Groom Team who takes part in competitions all over the world. Judith is also a Judge and speaker.

  • Joanna Chen <br /><br />

    Joanna Chen

    In 2006, Joanna begin to learn grooming from a Chinese toy poodle breeder and start her grooming and show career. She start to have her first show dog in 2007. In the following years, her toy poodle won many all breeds Best in Shows, and winning top toy poodles two years in the row. Joanna was one of top toy poodle owner, breeder, handler and groomer in China. Joanna won many grooming competitions, including winning the China National Master groomer 2013, and winning the Special Award of A Class groomers in 2013(was the top class in Chinese grooming competition). 2013, Joanna joined the Groom Team China, she and Wei Tony Zhu arranged the most popular GTC grooming competitions and seminars all around China. 2015,Joanna and Tony leading one of the best Chinese groom team to the World Team Grooming Competition in Milan, and the team member won many different classes.

  • Olga Zabalinskaya <br /><br />

    Olga Zabalinskaya

    Olga is a Nationally and Internationally Certified Master Groomer . She has groomed competitively throughout the U.S. since 2003 and has multiple "Best in Show" and "Best All Round Groomer" wins as well as 2 prestigious "Winners Circle Champion " titles. Olga was awarded a Lynn Carver Memorial Award "Best All Round Stylist 2009". Olga was born in Russia where she had a Master Degree in Engineering and finished law school. After her family moved to the U.S. Olga found a job in a grooming salon. In 5 years, starting as a self taught newbie, she became a Groom Team USA member in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Olga Zabelinskaya was the proud recipient of one of the Grooming Industry’s highest achievements: the 2009 Cardinal Crystal American Groomer of the Year Award and the 2009 Congeniality Award. Both honors are categories of the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards, which recognize excellence in the field of competitive and professional grooming. Olga owns and operates two grooming salons in New Jersey "Elite pet Spa & Boutique" and "Grooming Gallery". Her grooming experience includes styling dogs for the prestigious Westminster and Eukanuba dog shows but also for celebrity customers. Olga participates in charity events and does grooming seminars for professional groomers and pet owners.

  • Zhang Sisi <br /><br />

    Zhang Sisi

    After grooming a long time, Sisi passed the Groom team China exams in 2016 and also became second in grade A of her group in the business school. In 2015 she won the commercial class in the Swedish grooming competition. She went to Thailand to a refresh course of pet originality, carving patterns and colouring in March 2015. In 2014 she was invited by Groom Team China to do the open seminar for over 10 times in different cities in China. Sisi is the main teacher for grade B students in Shanghai Dingxin pet cosmetology school since 2014 and has taught thousands of students.

  • Wang Yang <br /><br />

    Wang Yang

    Depuis 2015 Yang donne des leçons de toilettage pour chiens en direct en Chine et il a des milliers de spectateurs. Il a également passé les qualifications pour l'équipe Groom Chine. Yang est l'un des principaux enseignants à l'école de cosmétologie pour animaux de compagnie Shanghai Dingxin depuis 2014 et enseigné à des milliers d'étudiants. Il a passé ses tests comme un toiletteur professionnel avec certification FCI et a remporté son premier prix en Juillet ici 2014.

  • Lisette De Cauwer <br /><br />

    Lisette De Cauwer

    The very well known Lisette is an experienced West Highland Terrier groomer, who has over 20 years of experience in Westy breeding, showing and working with Westy’s, her kennel name is “Or Is Kinloch Castle”. She and her husband Roger have had great successes at dog shows both on a National and International level including, Poznan in Poland, the European exhibitions in Vienna, Madrid, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Italy, etc. It was also the home of several champions, Orville or Tom marc, Tiffany du Bois des Maîtres, Ragdoll Sweet Honey-pie, Venus the Maîtres du bois. Orville was multiple champion and at age 7 third best veteran in show at the European exhibition in Genoa. Venus was Belgium and International Champion as well Bundesjugend sieger and Luxembourg Junior Champion. She also became BOB at 101 Westy’s terrier special in Germany.This is just a small selection of her Westy past. Lisette learned how to groom from the best in the business, the late Mr.. Roland Meeusen-Kreten (RIP) and Mrs. Michelle Wouters.

  • Jennifer Lee <br /><br />

    Jennifer Lee

    Jennifer Lee was born in South Korea and grew up in the United States. In 2008, Jennifer won “Rising Star of the Year” award at Intergroom, which is one of the most wanted awards for groomers who have just started their competition careers. Since that time Jennifer has won multiple Best In Show and Best All Around Groomer Awards at the Atlanta Pet Fair, NDGAA Grooming Festival, NEGPG New England Grooming Show, Pet Quest, GroomExpo, H.H. Backer Show, ... In 2012, another highlight of Jennifer’s career is winning the BEST IN SHOW at GroomExpo with title Groom Olympic World Champion with her Scottish terrier, which earned her the cover page of Groomer to Groomer magazine. Jennifer is a member of Hall of Fame of GROOMTEAM USA. She has been a member of GroomTeam USA from 2010 through 2012. Jennifer has won more than 70 grooming competition awards in her 8 years of competing. Jennifer is an International grooming competition judge and seminar speaker. She is not only judging in the United States, she has also been invited to China, South Korea and England to judge and speak. Jennifer was nominated the Barkleigh Competitive Groomer of The Year 2010 and Cardinal Crystal Award of American Groomer of the Year 2010 and Congeniality Award 2010.

  • Fan Yu <br /><br />

    Fan Yu

    After his studies this amazing artist Fan Yu started his career as a Professional Handler, Groomer and Sculptor in 2002. He won his first BIS in 2003 in a dog show in China and continued gaining experience in the art of grooming, he worked in different pet shops, kennels and for many breeders. In the meanwhile he worked for a the professional Dog magazine as an editor and published articles about breed standards, show dog grooming and show handling. After he started the world famous Fan’s Kennel and worked as all breed handler and groomer, he broke all Chinese records by winning the most ever multiple BIS and won an amazing list of titles with different breeds. He became the assistant of the famous American professional handler Bill McFadden, and joined so many Big Shows in the USA. Aside and in addition to the dog show and as an artist Fan Yu was creating many dog sculptures. With his amazing talent he created many big sculptures for many important dog shows BIS prizes all over the world. In the recent years, Fan Yu committed himself to teach and give grooming demos in China, Russia and Spain.

  • Miranda Geerlings <br /><br />

    Miranda Geerlings

    You can call Miranda Geerlings from Holland the quintessential cat person. She is a certified cat behavioural therapist and has had her exclusive grooming salon for cats for more than seven years. Besides this, she has a strong affinity with the world of the animal shelters and along with the Animal Hospital in Dordrecht, she has introduced the unique adoption programme called Meet your Match for cats. In the meantime she has also trained several shelters in working with the MYM programme. Miranda has a wonderful time sharing her knowledge and she is head teacher Cat at the Grooming school Holland. Her motto: “every single cat is unique and this is what makes them wonderful”.

  • William Galharde <br /><br />

    William Galharde

    William Galharde is one of the most renowned and reputable professionals of animal aesthetics due to his work and passion for animals. As a professional handler at dog shows he has made up many champions at both national and international levels. William is much in demand as a speaker and lecturer, and has led many seminars and presentations. In his capacity as technical consultant he concentrates his creativity to achieve aesthetic perfection which is an innovation in the pet grooming market. In his daily life, William is manager of 18 grooming shops in Sao Paulo (Complex Cinófilo Salatino and Pet Center Marginal Group) and is personally responsible for 120 groomers. Some of the salons are open 24/7! William and his team enjoy an enviable reputation in Brazil of being simply the best canine beauticians and have often appeared on TV channels such as Disney, Nickelodeon and many more local stations. Besides leading seminars throughout Brazil, William has given courses in Argentina, Chile, USA, France, Peru and Italy. He is in great demand as a speaker at Pet Shows like Pet South América, Pet Estética, Rio Vet, Fort Pet Vet and Pet Fashion Week in New York. William is chief consultant, spokesperson and head of grooming at Pet Society and also lends his services as a consultant to Pet Lux, Claudete Laços and Pity Biju. William began his career in 1999, learning his profession from top breeders, handlers and groomers from around the world and has won grooming titles throughout Latin America and in the USA. William has been referred to in many ways…..Groomer, Consultant, beautician, ambassador, but if you ask him how he would describe himself it would be a passionate life long lover of animals.

  • Victor Rosado <br /><br />

    Victor Rosado

    About 27 years of experience in professional grooming with extensive experience in grooming and conformation, Victor Rosado is a National and International Certified Master Groomer, a grooming contest judge for all breeds and all-round conformation Judge for FCPR/FCI with experience in judging at major shows in America and Europe. As a competitive groomer Victor Rosado is a multiple Best All Around and Best In Show winner and is a Groom Team USA member listed currently as one of the top 3 groomers in United States of America. Member of American Spaniel Club, breeder exhibitor and specialist of American Cocker Spaniels for 20 years under the registered Showstar prefix with multiple Best In Show and Best In Specialty Shows with countless victories and multiple championship titles and number one rankings in many countries for both FCI and AKC. It should be mentioned that Showstar dogs have won the highest awards of American Spaniel Club consecutively. An Oster Ambassador, a Purina Pro Plan Ambassador, owner of Davis Puerto Rico a distribution business and EDUGROOM where he stands as an instructor offering basic, advanced and continuous education and grooming workshops. He provides the conformation and grooming industry with seminars, lectures, demos and workshops and is a main speaker at grooming events all over the world.


Europes biggest educational professional grooming event

Europes biggest educational professional grooming event with International grooming competition, top seminars, workshops, mini tradeshow, kids competition modeldog and many more...